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Services are held each Sunday at 10.30am unless otherwise stated. They are usually led by an ordained Minister or Local Preacher. Occasionally we have "Local Arrangement" when our worship leaders conduct the service. Usually once per month we have a  service of Holy Communion. We sometimes have mid week services also and sometimes an evening service, usually starting at 6pm.
Occasionally we have a Circuit Service instead of worshipping in Ollerton. Also usual tradition is Remembrance Sunday we meet in the Memorial Gardens before a joint service.
Our services are fairly informal. We normally have OHP so you can see the words of the hymns and Bible readings in front of you. We are always pleased to welcome people from our community and visitors, often people visiting and staying in the many hotels etc. in the area.

As you arrive at Church you will be welcomed by one of our stewards who will give you a hymn book and any other items needed for the service. Feel free to sit anywhere. Typically a service will last about 1 hour usually starting with a Steward welcoming people and who shares news items relating to the church. We often have a time of introductory worship with music and prayer - just walk in and sit down - it's quite informal.

A Service usually includes 5 hymns, 2 Bible readings, 2 sessions of Prayer and a sermon (a talk based on a Bible reading).


We usually stand to sing (unless unable) and after the closing hymn remain standing for the closing prayer. For the other prayers we usually sit with bowed head – we do not usually kneel as is common in some churches.

At some point in the service an offering of money will occur. This is collected in a bag so no one sees how much or how little money people put in the bag – some put none. So don’t feel any pressure or embarrassment about this.

Our Communion services are similar with Communion coming near the end of the service. You will likely be given a sheet or book to follow and join in some of the words. The stewards will invite you to the front of the church to kneel (if you can) at the Communion Rail – just follow the others! The Minister will offer you first bread and then a small glass of non-alcoholic wine. If you do not want these, keep your hands by your side and instead you will receive a Blessing. You don’t have to go forward if you are not sure – just stay seated. You do not have to be a member or even known to the church to receive Holy Communion.

After the service we normally gather for a nice cup of tea/coffee/squash and cake or biscuits. Why not join us and give us a try? You will be welcomed.
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