Latest News
We resumed usual Sunday Worship on 1st August. There will still be some rules to follows owing to Covid - but all will be welcome.
We have now stopped the "Rule of Six" Prayer Meetings.
We are currently reviewing our worship area and will likely refurbish it.
We hope to soon welcome our new Circuit Superintendent  Rev Stuart Ellis, and give thanks for the service of Rev Richard Tanner who is due to stand down. Debbie and Dave will continue as the Ministers for our church in Ollerton.
Our church team still remain busy doing much pastoral work and worship using remote technology. See the Circuit Facebook Page -
We continue to support Ian and Sarah Hodgson with their work in Cambodia for Wycliffe Bible Translators. We have received a detailed newsletter with many wonderful examples of good progress. They have plans to return here for a break in 2021. Please pray for their continued success and care. 
Our Methodist Women also help support El Shaddai Street children rescue charity which is based in Goa. In response to their latest donation we received the following message:

Times are very hard in India at the moment and our staff are very busy providing meals and other help to as many children as possible. Many families living in the slums have lost their sources of income due to the economic effects of covid and they are dependent on our help to survive.

All schools are closed and if we think that home schooling has been difficult here, I can hardly imagine how difficult it can be in India, but our staff are doing all they can to support our children, those living in our homes and those who at present are with their parents in the slums.

We are hoping and praying that covid will subside and all our children will be back in our care at the start of the new school year; in the meanwhile we are supporting them where they are.       

God bless you       Ruth      El Shaddai Charitable Trust Ltd

Please consider donating and hold them in your prayers.
Methodist Women in Britain (MWIB) -  first Tuesday - is "Knit and Natter" with a focus on outreach to try to engage more local women in fellowship with Christ. But currently all meetings suspended though there are plans to expand this group, including lunch - when they can - hopefully soon.
We support the Freedom Community Project. This is a Christian charity that was set up in 2008 to support people who are struggling with poverty and other issues. The project has grown to cover the North East Midlands and Yorkshire with 8 support centres, currently the nearest is at Shirebrook Methodist Church. Please contact them - or us - for more information. 
  • Phone: 0300 302 0334

  • E-mail:

  • Address: Freedom, Bainbridge Hall, Carr Vale Road, Bolsover, S44 6JD.