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John Wesley who was born and brought up not many miles from here in Epworth on the Isle of Axholme famously said:

All need to be saved.

All can be saved.

All can know themselves to be saved.

All can be saved to the uttermost


How does his vision play out in Ollerton today?


All need to be saved. We are a loving and inclusive church. We welcome everyone to worship, including offering them Holy Communion (The Lord's Supper) and Baptism. We are all working to spread the Good News of Jesus in what we say and what we do not just in church but in all our time in this community. 


All can be saved. We believe salvation is not for a few, or through their deeds on this earth but is there for everyone. This is the promise of salvation in Scripture. In our worship there is always a strong element of prayer for forgiveness for our failings (sins) and an assurance those prayers will be answered.


All can know themselves to be saved.

We believe that by the grace of God all can be saved and so should be able to feel that warmth of the Holy Spirit. We aim to spread this wonderful message by thought, word and deed and assure all people they are the beloved children of God.


All can be saved to the uttermost.

Methodist teaching is around Christian worship and growth as a life-long journey where we should all strive to develop a closer relation with God, greater service to both all people and all creation. It's not just a one stop shop. We can't achieve the earthly perfection of Christ - but we should do our best, day by day, to get closer to that ideal.


Church Hall

We have a large Church Hall which can be hired out for various uses. There is a kitchen area with crockery etc, a fridge, cooker, microwave and a dishwasher. It is being used for a local choir and a local band use it to rehearse. It gets used for elections too. If you would like to hire the hall please contact us.

Other Activities.
During the week the Church is usually used on Tuesday by Methodist Women in Britain. They meet most  Tuesdays at 2.00pm. They usually have someone to talk and is fairly well attended.
Please use our contact page for more details





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